Research and Development

Research and Development

State-of-the-art product development capabilities that can meet future customer demand

About 40 % of our employees work in the research and development division which engages in the development of products that maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our research and development staff communicates directly with the customers to accurately assess their requirements and provide them with the appropriate products as soon as possible. We achieve this by equipping ourselves with advanced technology applicable to the next generation of products.


Pigment, Pigment for toner, pigment dispersion for toner

Nano technology

Various type of coating material, inkjet ink, organic-inorganic hybrid material, Carbon Nanotube (Single, Multiwall) etc…

Nano size particle dispersion ink, paste, slurry : ceramic, metal, plastic, organic pigment, inorganic pigment, emulsion, etc….. numerous kinds of nano size particles.

Application : electron conductive, ion conductive, photo catalysis, insulation, dielectric, magnetic, anti-bacterial, ultra violet and infrared light absorbance, encapsulant, sealant etc…

Silver Nanowire

Metal Nano Particle, Metal Nano Colloids (Ag, Au, Pt)

Nanoparticle , Nanocolloids Oxide

Quantum Dots

Carbon Quandum Dot

Graphene Quantum Dot
Silicon Quantum Dot
Perovksite Quantum Dots

Metal Organic Framework (MOF), Porous Coordination Polymer (PCP)
as for catalyst, gas separation, artificial photosynthesis etc...

Carbon Alloy Catalysts (CAC)

Various type of environmental related products
Solar cell : Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell, Inorganic Thin Film Solar Cell, Organic-Polymer Solar Cell
Secondary Battery : Lithium Ion Cell, Magnesium Ion Cell, Calcium Ion Cell, Sodium Ion Cell
Metal-Air Battery : Lithium ?? Air Battery, Aluminum ?? Air Battery, Aluminium - Air Battery 2, Aluminum - Air Battery (Press Release)

Fuel Cell : Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, SOFC Materials, Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell etc…
Capacitor : Double Electric Layer Capacitor, Lithium Ion Capacitor etc…
LED : Encapsulation, Reflection Board etc…
Solar Cell : electrode, electrolyte TiO2 paste (for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell, Perovskite Solar Cell) carbon based ink for counter electrode、methyl ammonium iodide etc... as precursor for perovskite etc…
Thermoelectric:Ceramics (NaCo2O4 etc...)
Nitride : Aluminium Nitride

Electrode, electrolyte, surrounding materials etc…

Cellulose Nanofiber

Ionic Liquid

Carbon based Solid Acid Catalyst ceramic based solid acid catalyst is also available:
for various kinds of organic synthesis, cellulose decomposition, bioethanol etc...
Infrared Light, IR, Heat Shielding, Absorbing Materials, Transparent Conductive Materials (Indium Tin Oxide : ITO)

Flocculant (Coagulant) for Water Treatment : Poly Silicate Iron (PSI) : A novel type environmentally friendly flocculant (coagulant) in which sludge can be used as fertilizer for soil.

You are always welcome to discuss more for your demands concerning nano-particle dispersion products, coating products etc…

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Research and Development